Izudeen Idrus

A Digital Marketer With A Passion For Health And Adventure

Izudeen Idrus


Izudeen Idrus is a skilled digital marketing professional with experience in a range of tactics and strategies. From social media marketing and email campaigns to content marketing and search engine optimization, Izudeen has a track record of success in helping businesses and organizations reach their online goals.

In addition to his professional expertise, Izudeen is also an avid gym-goer, diver, and computer gamer, bringing a unique perspective and diverse set of skills to his work.

My Professional Journey

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to work for some truly exceptional companies and organizations. Each position has helped me grow as a professional and has given me the chance to make a real impact

2018 - Present
Telekom Malaysia

Head, Digital Campaign & Marketing

2015 - 2018
Webe Digital

Director, Campaign, Process & Customer Experience

2009 - 2015
Packet One Networks

Manager, Project Management & Customer Experience

2006 - 2009
Freescale Semiconductor

Senior Engineer, BGA Assembly

2003 - 2006
Aqua Trade Sdn Bhd

Project Manager

2002 - 2003
Motorola Semiconductor


Cross-Disciplinary Knowledge

My certifications in engineering and digital marketing represent a commitment to knowledge, expertise, and excellence. With a deep understanding of best practices, standards, and technologies in both fields,

Graduate Engineer

Board of Engineers Malaysia

Issued : July 2003

Credential ID : G146370R

Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Digital Marketing Institute

Issued : November 2019

Credential ID : MY-EXC60017

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